Our cladding panel product range consistes of:
Balsa Core Panels
Balsa wood core has outstanding strength to weight ratios and enables us to mould large flat lightweight panels. It comes from a very fast growing tree and is a completely renewable resource.

Sandwich panels made using balsa wood cores are extremely light, strong and remain perfectly flat.
Once again the finish and durability give Glassfibre an advantage over other materials.
Composite Sandwich Panels
Fibreglass composite panels offer both excellent flatness and insulation as a cladding panel. They are very light which means their support structures can be much lighter than with other fa├žade materials. They offer a smooth finish both externally and internally.
These panels are made by sandwiching polystyrene or polyurethane foam between two flat sheets of Glassfibre. This is the same process used for building refrigerated truck bodies.
Coremat Panels
Coremat is a very versatile core material which comes in a range of thicknesses and can be used to reinforce both flat and curved panels.